Monday, October 4, 2010

The Social Network - it is just a movie

I can't believe how much news are around the social network movie. It is clearly a good movie and made in the first weekend $23 million. And I can see that the news are talking about the movie. But I can't believe that there is so much discussion about the movie and how it does not tell the truth about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

We all should be smart enough to know if somebody wants to produce a blockbuster, that a movie does need certain ingredients which a real life does not give.

Sure many things might be true, but at the same time we all know as well, to have a successful movie, Hollywood will do everything to spice the movie up. I don't think anybody is really interested in a copy of a real life.

Remember the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley? Do you think the story was accurate? Maybe to some degree, but most of the stuff was made up to give some more fun to the movie. Did it hurt Steve or Bill? No. Because they did not care. Steve even invited the actor who played Steve Jobs in 1999 to a keynote speak, and told the crowd that the actor is the better Steve Jobs.

I think Facebook does do the correct thing by not doing anything. Sitting back and take the movie as it is, is the best. Facebook did announce often enough that the movie is not based on interviews with the founders and that the movie is not supported by Facebook. This is all what FB needs to do.

If anybody of us believes that the movie 100% true, then we should maybe get some help.

Thrust me, a documentary about FB would be really cool, but I doubt that it would make ever to the cinemas or would be a blockbuster.

There was in 2001 a movie called which showed the raise and failure of All actors played themselves, it was more a reality show than a movie. Pretty authentic and guess what, the movie flopped. It was just not interesting enough, too real too less things people want to see.

We all love "the office", some do love "big brother", do you think this is real life? Of course not, "the office" people are actors, very good actors. Big brother are no actors, but the film studio knows exactly to put different characters together which all of them have something which makes it funny to watch them. They are casting thousands of people to find the right group to put together.

Please give Mark Zuckerberg and FB a break. Go to the movies and watch a great movie, discuss afterwards and then leave it alone.

If you want to know some close to the truth, then read the "Facebook Effect" by David Kirkpatrick. He at least spent a lot of time with Mark Z. His friends, business partners etc together.

The book is very interesting and gives a lot of insights, but as a movie it would be kind of boring without some real spiced up drama.

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