Friday, October 8, 2010

I am such a beginner in blogging

I am going to tell now a story which sounds pretty unreal but it true.

I started a few months ago to blog and downloaded for my iPad a blog software called blogpress. Did only cost $3.99 I believe and was the only software I could find to blog via iPad.
I did set up blogpress and did choose to use picasa for my image uploads and YouTube for my videos.
After a few weeks there was a new version available of blogpress and I downloaded it.
Of course i did not verify my settings anymore, but I should have done.

I am in the Internet business since Internet is for commercial use, and i am working with computers since 1982, I had never a virus or trojan.
I believed I know what I am doing and I am not stupid, i am always careful, till recently.

Ok, new version installed and started to blog and to blog. What I did not know, was that the image upload settings was set to blogpress domain and not anymore to my picasa folder.
Today something weird happened I saw that my latest blog did not show anymore the images to the blog. When i clicked into the empty space the target URL did open with an error message.

I was seeing this when I used my computer and not blogpress. I did upload the images again, through the web browser and all worked fine.
Just for fun, i looked at older blogs and figured out that many of my pictures were missing. I got pretty upset about me, because i saw on the URLs that i used the wrong upload path, or at least not the place where the pictures should be.
I went back to my iPad and opened blogpress to look what the image upload settings were and to find out it was not set to picasa.
I changed it and did want start to reupload for all posts the missing images but now with correct upload target.

But the most unbelievable happened, all pictures which was uploaded from my iPad to the blogpress archive instead of picasa were missing in my photo folder on the iPad.

I remembered that i had yesterday a couple of reboots after blogpress did crash.

Either blogpress crash did delete all original images or somebody could hack into my iPad through blogpress. I am now kind of scared. I contacted the creator of blogpress and will see what his answer is.

How could i have been so stupid not to verify the settings?
I apologize for the missing images.
I have now to find a new blogging software and need to go through 150 blogs to find out which image is missing and then to find them again with google image search. Many of them were screenshots I made and i might not able to reproduce them. I will keep you posted.

I got just now an email fromblogpres creator that he is working on his server to fix it. His response was only 8 minutes after i did send my email. He is in China but perfect response time.

Got response from developer. I don't feel so bad anymore. Here is his answer about missing images on iPad.
Hi Markus

There is a known bug that on iPad if the photo is non-sync from iTunes (Saved from email or from Camera Connection Kit), it will have this issue. And it has been fixed now but in App Store reviewing, it would be available in these days.

On Sat, Oct 9, 2010 at 8:53 AM, Markus Privat wrote:
Can you explain me, why blogpress did crash yesterday and it seems that all images I upload to blogpress got deleted from my iPad photo gallery.

Any idea?

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