Friday, October 15, 2010

NY Times Editor choice replaced with full version

I am reading the NY Times Editor Choice since I have my iPad. Today was an update on the NY Times app. It is now replaced with a version which has over 25 categories (instead of 6) and each category has much more articles.

However with this update are coming not only benefits. First I had to sign up and create an account which was not necessary before. This means i will get now NYT newsletters with advertisement.

NYT is using now your location (it asks if you want to) to serve targeted ads.

The application does need much longer to load and the sections don't get always updated. The user has to click on the update button.

Because there are more articles the application looks more like WSJ than before. I think there are now too much articles opener on one page and too less images. It lolls partly extremely crowded. The first page of each section looks like before with 4 or 5 featured articles and photos, but second, third etc pages have no photos only text to get more featured articles on one page. It is harder to read. The default text setting is too small. I guess they tried to make more similar to their paper print instead of trying to get best experience for iPad.

Besides this the application looks a little different but works the same. It has one extra navigation on the bottom to navigate back to previous page which slides away to open more reading space.

The biggest difference is that NYT will start in 2011 to charge for the content. Right now the content if free like the Editor Choice version.

Please follow the the link if you want to know more about the upcoming Pay Wall from NYT.

NY Times did not inform the users in their last Editor Choice edition which I would have expected.

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