Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Google is testing full page website preview in the UK spotted an interesting screenshot from the U.K., which shows a full-page preview of the target website, as well as a blue background that highlights the selected site. Clicking anywhere on the preview takes you directly to the site.

The question for me is weather the preview is live or cached. I remember used to have this too, but was useless because the pages preview was too old.

If it is a live preview, how would google handle heavy pages which need to load very long?

And if it is a live preview does it mean for popular search results the page views for these companies are going up? And what is about the ads on the pages? Will the count of ad views go up and therefore the CTR down?

I am looking forward to hear more from google. I did not find anything about this in their blog. And i could not reproduce the results using google UK.

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