Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exact 6 months ago I got my iPad

It was April the 3rd when I got my iPad at the day when my son's birthday party was.
It was like having two birthdays at the same time.

I was totally excited. Since then i use my iPad every day and we even bought a second one.
Overall the iPad is great and a perfect tool. However there are a few short comings.

The speed is great and the 64GB the right disc space. The screen size is perfect but higher resolution would be great. A front facing camera should be a must. Most of my friends and family are in Germany and I have always to go to my iMac when i want to make video calls. A lock switch should be included as well. My son is 2.5 years and likes to play his toddler games on the iPad. He does many times leave his games, because of a missing application lock. He knows to open them again, but better would be if i could lock a game like the screen rotation lock.
I am certainly not missing an USB adapter and it is ok to use the SD card cable, but it would be nice if i could just slide my SD card directly in the iPad to download my camera pictures.
I like that I don't need to charge the iPad every day but battery life could be a little bit better.
Reading books is not a problem, at the beginning I thought the screen is too bright that my eyes get tired easily. I was wrong, i have no problems. I actually like the bright screen and 9 of 10 times I read in not perfect light conditions. Either in the bed or on the sofa, and i have seldom our lights on. I never yet even thought to read on the iPad when i am at the beach or in our backyard. It is just too hot here in Florida.
One day i had the iPad outside and the device did overheat, warned me and switched off, nothing more. After only an hour inside, all was fine. But really it was my fault, taking an electrical device into sunlight by 100 degrees does not make sense no matter what device. And i don't use my iPad for music. I have for this my iPhone. I use the iPad for things I don't do with the iPhone and vice versa.
My average day:
I get up in the morning make me a coffee and read my newspapers and magazines on my iPad. After shower, i drive to work listen to audio books with my iPhone.
At the office (when I am early) I read some more news on the iPad or write my blog. During work my iPad is sitting at the desk and i take the ipad only for meetings with me. But seldom that i use the iPad in a meeting, only if I need to look at web pages. But i always bring the iPad to work in case I need it.
At home (after work) when my son is in the bed, i read some more on the iPad. Usually one of my ebooks and write my blog.
When i travel i use the iPad a lot. In the airplane i watch one of my downloaded movies and in the hotel I watch netflix movies.

I don't play a lot with iPad, but I really never play computer games. My son does play a lot with the iPad, we have at least 20 toddler learning games, but i am little disappointed that there are not many iPad native games of good quality. The better once are made for the iPhone and therefore the screen resolution sucks on the iPad.
Overall there are right now not enough applications for the iPad and even good apps are just yet not good enough. I use a lot keynote and numbers on my iMac and sync them with my iPad, but unfortunately not all functions and graphics are working on the iPad. I make great looking presentations on the iMac but on the iPad they are only good. Creating new presentations or calculation sheets on the iPad is far away from useful. The functionality is extremely limited and the few which are there are not really intuitive. Apple could do a much better job.
But not only Apple, almost every other iOS software is not utilizing the new way of multitouch.
Here can be done much more. It seems that every newspaper and magazine has it's own method of usability. This is pretty annoying. Many times I forget which way i have to go to the next page and misted I jump accidentally to another article.
None of the papers I read (NYT, USA Today, Wired, WSJ, Der Spiegel, Popular Science, MacLife to name the most) allow me to to copy parts of their texts. I always have either to mail me a link to the webpage or copy the webpage URL to open the article in a we browser for copying parts of it.
A lot of people are complaining about missing printing, this soon with the update not a problem anymore. And was never a problem for me. I seldom print and if I need to print a file I send it via email to my other and print from there.

The two biggest issues I have is first of all the missing flash part. I don't like flash but still a lot websites do use flash. However many big websites did change their pages, that if you browse them with the iPad the flash is replaced with html5 and therefore videos are working just fine. But still I miss some cool flash ads or flash pages. I am working in online media and need here and then to see flash. But lucky I have a notebook as alternative.

The second issue far more important is the keyboard and word correction. The keyboard is just not right for me. I dot know how many times I hit accidentally the space, return or the language switch button (I have German and English keyboard switched on). Sometimes I write a word which the OS does not know and it correct it for me all the time. Sometimes it takes five attempt to get the word in my way. But when i need the correction it does not correct for me, I don't get it.

Websites have their issues in forms with the iPad, even application have lack of typing quality. When you have to input your email address the first letter is always by default Capital. And even sometimes when you have to type your password.

I tried a while an external keyboard, but did not work out for me. I like to hold the iPad in my hands to get right position and distance. With a keyboard I can't be in my bed or sofa to write, either is the iPad too far or not in the right position.

I had so far no reboot and no crash with the iPad. I wish the software developers would develop better apps and think more about interface design.
Even the Facebook app has too less functions to be really useful. I rather use the Facebook app on my iPhone, there I don't mind if functions are missing.

Overall I like my iPad a lot, i don't use it as much as i thought. Especially at work, I use only my laptop because it does do more for me.
I have the 3G version but surf and use the iPad 95% on wifi only at airports I use 3G.
I might would use the iPad at work, if i could connect two 19 inch screen to it and use a mouse and external keyboard. Then it could be a real alternative. But till then it is my typewriter and newspaper replacement.

The iPad is like a motorbike. You start with one, you are excited like hell, and after six month you got so much used to it that you want to have a new, better and faster version. And you know what? If there comes a new one, i will buy it again and sell the old one.

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