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iPad 4th quarter sales flopped

The iPad did not sell as good as predicted. Analysts did predict that the sales for the iPad will be between 4.7 and 10 million, but only 4.2 million got sold (iPhone and iPod were as expected strong)
Steve jobs did make it clear that there will be no 7 inch iPad, because the screen would be too small. I totally agree a 7 inch is still too close for smart phones. A tablet should be big enough to be an extra device to smart phone and light enough to be more than a notebook replacement.

I was in some earlier blogs wondering if the iPad sales are not so good as expected, because we never did hear an update after the first 30 days. Now i know.

I think the sales are still strong for a device we did even not know we would ever need it. Not many would replace their desktop or notebook. It replaces netbooks, but many people did buy their netbook just less than 18 months.

But it is still more than kindle or nooks got sold. Both don't show numbers. However Amazon sold 22 million kindle books (Business insider). In average an user has bought 10 books this year. This would bring the kindle number to 2.2 million. The nook seems to be under a million.

If we compare the iPad numbers with netbooks then the numbers look bad for the iPad. There are so far estimated 36 million net books sold this year (myce). However this is only 3 million more than last year.

The question is why the iPad is not selling so good. Is the price too high? Too much competition?

I think neither. The price is not much higher than other tablets and the competition is right now more concentrated on smaller 7 inch screens.

I think the missing front camera is a big minus and the small amount of available applications (35.000 :)) and that the users are not sure yet how to use the iPad. They know it is a household computer and if Facebook would be 100% iPad compatible, the sales would go up.

I think we will see a big jump during holidays and if Apple is offering a new iPad with front camera then the next quarter sales will go double.

I don't think it helps a lot to sell the iPad at Verizon, because the iPad does not really rely on ATT anyway. I use my 3G only at work, otherwise I always use wifi. And as said, most of the people don't carry their iPad around. Most people with iPad have wifi at home, therefore they don't need 3G.

More professional applications for the iPad would helps as well to sell the iPad as notebook replacement at home. Fewer people would buy netbooks. They only buy them because they have what their notebook has (including camera) but much cheaper.

It is really funny, Apple was one of the first companies to have camera (iSight) build into their notebooks, but missed to build it into the iPad.

Will see what comes next in terms of iPad, and somehow, I am still sure Apple will sell much more closer to 8 million a quarter. Android pads will be much more sold next year but none of the manufactures will sell a single item as much as Apple.

Overall pads (android or ios) will be more sold than netbooks in 2012

And this is all Apple needs. They never want to dominate the total market in OS, they want to dominate as hardware company which they do and will a while longer.

If they would want to dominate the OS market they would sell their OS to other manufactures.

If iPads will have a market share like the iPhone (30%) then Apple is market leader as a single hardware company. Never try to compare Apple as software or OS company with Android or Windows. You need to compare them with Nokia, Acer, Dell, IBM, HP etc.

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