Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Internet Explorer is falling under the 50% mark

According to StatCounter (via NetworkWorld), Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser had dipped below the 50% mark for worldwide market share. These September stats show a decline of 1.43% since last month, and a nearly 10% drop since last year which is 20% of it market share.
Other statistics are showing IE still with 60% however all statistics are showing that IE is falling and pretty strong.

Once upon a time (back in 2002), Internet Explorer commanded more than 90% of the worldwide browser market. In 2008, IE still maintained 67%. Times have definitely changed, and Microsoft now knows that bundling its browser with the world's most widely used operating system isn't a permanent safety net. In Europe, Microsoft had to add a ballot that allows users to choose which browser they'd like to run. This is showing to be factor in IE's continued decline.

Chrome is gaining extremely within just one year (300%). Surprising that safari and FF are staying almost the same.

In terms of full HTML 5 we still need to wait. FF and IE have together 85% market share and both don't support 100% HTML 5.

Microsoft once the biggest software company is having some trouble right now. They lost the race in media players (even that latest Zune looks great and works like a champ), they never really started the race with smart phone (mobile 7 might be a chance), bing is not as much growing as hoped and Windows still unreachable number 1 (91.2%) lost some ground to Apple. BTW IOS is now bigger than Linux and still bigger than Android (source:

Windows went 1.5% down in one year, this is almost nothing, however when companies are starting to switch to a different OS (I doubt it will happen) then Microsoft will get on OS a big problem too.

The biggest gain Microsoft had, was on their Enterprise solutions. MS is perfect fit right now between cheap unstable software and big expensive software.

Microsoft does own this space, but gets more and more competition from Salesforce and other SaaS vendors.

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