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Apple's numbers are strong and what comes next?

Apple Inc.'s quarterly profit surged 78%, as the company booked strong initial sales of its iPad tablet computer and the latest version of its smartphone, the iPhone 4.

The company also issued a strong forecast for the current quarter, allaying immediate concerns that the iPhone 4's high-profile antenna problems might slow Apple's sales. Apple's revenue in the quarter ended June 26 rose 61% to $15.7 billion.

Apple's quarterly profit jumped 78%, thanks to continued strong demand for its gadgets. It sold 3.3 million iPads and 8.4 million iPhones in the quarter. Sameer Bhatia and Rex Crum analyze the numbers with Simon Constable & Lauren Goode.

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But more important than this info that Steve jobs and Tim Cook are saying that one more new product is coming this year.
Quote:.... "amazing new products still to come this year."

Another article which mentioned the same quote

I am right now taking bets. I already mentioned that Apple might reinvent their Apple TV, but maybe not.
Steve said that at the end of year will be more than 100 million devices running facetime. And we did hear that a lot of companies like Google are working on Internet TV boxes. As I posted earlier I believe Social TV could be the next thing.
if Apple is redoing their Apple TV with iOS 4 it will have a camera, but would it make sense, my Apple TV is in a cabinet, away from the the TV.
Maybe Apple is working on a TV with iOS 4 , build in camera and perfect 3D. We should not forget that Steve did own and founded Pixar. Plus he is still on the board of Disney. Perfect to develop cool TV experience (maybe new UI) and good connection to tons of movies. And Apple has already their cinema displays. My iMac has 27 inch which is pretty decent.
But TVs are different than phones or computers, Apple needs to have too many sizes to offer. You can't just have one or two versions.
I think Apple can, Apple will be able to sell to the public only three sizes of TV, from 32 inch to 52 inch.
But this again would be too easy. The TV market is pretty extreme busy with Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc.
My best bet is that the next big thing from Apple will be something like a new version of Apple TV and something like a TV. Something which exists since many years but is not really used in normal households, only seen in offices and home cinema rooms.
Apple will reinvent the screen projector. Something which does not need a special screen to get best quality. A projector running iOS 4 which can be in any ankle to the wall and still delivers a trapeze free picture.
Something which comes with a free wireless iSight camera which can be positioned anywhere we want and follows our eyes.
Ok i admit, having an extra camera is not really Apple worlds. They want to sell products, which you unwrap, plug into the wall and works.
If it is not a projector then it is maybe a TV, an all in one TV with build camera (why is there no TV with build camera anyway?) and the input device/remote is either your apple remote, your iPhone or iphone touch and of course your wireless apple bluetooth keyboard.
To round the whole idea up, the ipad will be able to stream movies which are bought through the new Apple real TV or projector.
I think whatever Apple will bring out, will be one device which does not need another device to work, no screen, no computer, no external camera.
BTW the projector or TV idea is not totally out of my mind. Samsung which got a big order from Apple to build the 9.7inch displays for the iPad, got another big order to build 5 million 42 inch LED displays, without telling who did place the order, it could be Apple.
On the other hand, Apple has 12 new granted patents which few of them could indicate importance for a new type of TV.

12 US patents granted on 20 July 2010 and assigned to Apple

1 D620,020 Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
2 D620,004 Electronic device
3 7,761,811 User interface for assisting in the installation of an asset
4 7,761,800 Unified interest layer for user interface
5 7,761,798 System and method for controlling the screen display appearance for a data processing system
6 7,761,488 File creation API
7 7,761,414 Asynchronous data synchronization amongst devices
8 7,761,118 Database programs for handheld devices
9 7,760,767 Wide area peer-to-peer synching in a decentralized environment
10 7,760,559 Integrated circuit with separate supply voltage for memory that is different from logic circuit supply voltage
11 7,760,528 Method and apparatus for providing high speed, low EMI switching circuits
12 7,760,187 Visual expander

1,5,7,10,11 and 12 can be useful for a very fast HD TV with 3D, where you might can plug in your iPad.

12 could indicate my dream since i have an iPhone. A 13inch screen and docking station for the iphone, where i plug my phone in and bang I have my personal computer with big screen and external keyboard. After the work day is over, I take the phone out of the docking station and go home.

Please let me your ideas know what device is coming next.

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