Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What is next with Apple?

Reading a lot of blogs and posts, almost everybody is saying that a new ipod touch will come out with two cameras and facetime. Sure it will sometimes but this not a real invention and it would wonder me how facetime would work. Right now factime is suing voice carrier for call and wifi for video, which makes facetime so successful in terms of quality. If a new ipod touch has facetime, then the calling method would need to change. I doubt an ipod will have a simcard or if it has a simcard then with monthly fees around $25, which means somebody will jailbreak it and everybody is going to buy a cheaper ipod touch than an iphone.

Bottom line, I think ipod touch and iphone will always be enough different that consumers are not pressed in the situation to make a decision if iphone or ipod touch. The decision will be which phone or which music player.

Of course the future for me is not to have a phone at all, and only use wifi or data plans to make calls, instead having a voice plan and data plan. I believe this will be in 3 years, and then there is no iphone or ipod touch, both will be just one device.

Other people are saying (which I did as well) that in autumn a new apple TV is coming out or the existing Apple TV will get a new OS. True, I can see this, but I don’t think the Apple TV price will go as low as $99, this is not really Apple method to be low on price only because other streaming boxes are such low. More likely Apple will have a $199 and $299 price for a small and big version and will claim that they reinvented the way how we watch TV, basically coming up with a new device which will define its own category (like the iPad did for mobile computers). Maybe an Apple TV which is totally integrated with IOS 4 and allows developers to build apps for TV and run iAds. Maybe Apple makes a deal with Discovery Channel and others that certain shows or features are only viewable over new iView (yeah not Apple TV anymore, we will call it iView). Maybe the iView will have the only perfect 3D experience without the need to have goggles.

The question is when is Apple successful?

It seems for me, when there is a big diversity, Apple gets strong. Apple got successful with iMac because there were tons of different computers from tons of vendors all looking pretty dull. Then there came Apple, looked at all computers and decided to make them colorful and as all-in-one computers.

Later we had 100 of music players, Apple looked at them and made their own, learning from the others. To help to boost they took all confusion of music rights and music sharing and created their own library.

We have cell phones since years, again 100 of different phones. I had my first smart phone 5 years ago, the Sony SX1. But then came Apple, looked at all phones and made their own smart phone, again learned from other vendors, understood that the UI of the OS needs to change and that there was no app store and hard to install new apps on phones.

Same with the iPad; Amazon had a while their kindle, Sony their e-reader, B&N came out with the Nook, all big hardware companies had their netbook or tablet PC. Apple looked at them and learned.

Now which is the next mobile market where we have a big diversity and Apple is not a player at all but had some experience in 1994?

Correct, the Apple Quick Take camera.

Now it is time to reinvent the camera. A camera which will have a big touch screen and the ability to load photo apps on it, like Photoshop mobile, or video editing software etc. Build in Geo Tagging over GPS and Wifi, totally integrated with mobile me and iweb.

The 12MB pixel version of iClick with 8times analog zoom will be market for $299 and has a free mobile account for 12 months

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