Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two new Kindle at $139

New York Times is reporting that Amazon will release on Thursday two new Kindle. Both less weight than the Kindle 2. One of them will have wifi only for $139 which is slightly cheaper than Sony or BN Nook which are around $150 with wifi only.
The new Kindle will have a brighter display and smoother text which makes it easier to read.

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Amazon is feeling the pressure of more and more ebook readers and the new niche of Ipad (an in between ebook reader and notebook).
The Kindle 1 started in 2007 with $399 and the latest version will be under $150, this over 50% less than 3 years ago. The falling price is great, and $139 is a price I would pay, however the nook is not much more but is nicer because of the second small color screen. With Kindle getting cheaper, the other companies have to follow, Sony and BN will follow with price reduction. I can see the bottom low price will be $99 or even free if consumer signs for 24 ebooks to buy in a year (like a book club service).
And there is a new 7 inch touch screen tablet coming out at Kmart for $150 (model: Augen, OS: android). I bet these movements will put Apple a little under pressure and the cheapest iPad will be with next generation under $300. Maybe for Christmas is an iPad with front facing camera coming out and the iPad 16GB (wifi only) will be reduced to $299.

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