Tuesday, July 13, 2010

free apps on iphone can make good money with iAds

Kathryn Swartz did write about a free app in the iphone app store.

LED Light for iPhone 4 Free is a useful, must-have utility that turns your iPhone 4 into a working flashlight; it has become a bit of a cash cow for its creator as well. Developer Jason Ting revealed that his 9,000-download launch day made him almost $1,400 in ad revenue through Apple’s sanctioned iAds program. It’s unlikely that Ting will sustain these returns as downloads slow and initial use tapers, however his experience does bode well for other developers considering iAds.

The app itself is basic, but slick enough to warrant a download. Launching the app turns on the LED light automatically, and you can turn it off by tapping the giant center button. The lower button turns the light into a strobe, which you can change the speed of using the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

In Ting’s case, LED Light is a perfect test model for iAds. The function of the app only relies on two buttons and you never need to focus on the screen for extended amounts of time, so the iAds feed, which only appears every three minutes or so, is extremely easy to ignore. But if you’re still anti-ad, Ting does offer a 99-cent ad-free version of the app in the iTunes App Store.
(from Kathryn Swartz)

It really comes handy for small developers to use iAds to get some investment back into their developed ads, i just hope that big advertising companies can use their own ad system instead of iAds where thye will not have much control.

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