Sunday, July 25, 2010

iPad keyboard dock not so great

I bought yesterday the keyboard dock for my iPad. I am writing a lot with my ipad and i needed something with a better keyboard. I did not like the Bluetooth wireless keyboard, but I liked the idea to dock the iPad into a keyboard.

However the dock is not perfect, i see it even as a design problem. The dock works perfect when you have the iPad without a cover. I don't expect that i can dock my iPad with any 3rd party cover, but i bought the expensive Apple cover. I expected that the iPad will dock. But unfortunately it does not. I either have to take the iPad out of the cover or cut some parts from the cover.
I am pretty disappointed, how can Apple sell their sleeve which does not work with the keyboard dock together.
I am going to return the dock. The next time I will first read the reviews before i by an accessory.

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