Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why to wait?

I did yesterday decide to buy for my mother in law an iPad, because she likes to read and needs a device to communicate with her son overseas. At the same time the device should be light and easy to use. The only choice I thought is an iPad.
The iPad is now 3 months on the market but everything but easy to get. Best Buy does not offer to buy it online and at the Apple website it takes 7 to 10 business days till it gets shipped. Same for the new iPhone. At least 2 weeks waiting time. Overseas even longer to wait. I understand that Apple could not fulfill all first orders but now both devices are long enough on the market to have enough produced and shipped. I feel like 20 years back in time when people in East Germany had to wait to get their food at the grocery store. The only other items we wait in 21st century to get delivered are either cars or luxury or limited edition items. But since when do we need to wait on phones or computers months after they are released.
Ok, we did wait on the Wii and Xbox but why? If this happens once for an item, we could understand. It is not always easy to predict demand. But Apple should be already aware of their demands. I get the feeling this is a marketing move to keep the demand high. I can remember that nightclubs without doorman were not so hip and full than the once which let people staying in in the cold in a long line.
The question is how long Apple can play this game. The page can easily turn for Apple, when in october a new ipod or apple tv is coming out and people have to wait for those items as well.
As much i like Apple products as much i don't like to wait on things. My mother in law does not really need an iPad, and for sure i will not order one, pay and wait two weeks. But for sure she will need a digital book. I will buy a kindle, if Apple can not satisfy me.
Talking with my friends, I am not the only one thinking like this. Apple is not anymore a company for outsiders, cool and creative people. Apple is now a big company for everybody. Keeping the demand artificial high will harm Apple more than they might know.

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