Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is a new Kindle on the way?

Amazon's standard Kindle is currently out of stock (DX still available).
I wondering if amazon is coming soon with a new kindle out. I don't think the price reduction did push the sales so much that amazon can't produce enough.

What would be different with the new kindle? I guess at least a new faster and better processor. Maybe touchscreen instead of button? Less weight?
Finally a color e-paper (unlikely, color e-paper is still expensive). Maybe new shell design? Maybe Bluetooth? Second screen like Nook?

I am really curious what it will be. It should be a bigger difference for Kindle 3 and keeping same or not much higher price.

Amazon is not commenting anything or writing about it on their company blog. Amazon made a deal with Facebook for shopping, maybe the Kindle will have a facebook button.

Searching through amazon's open job positions does neither give any indications.

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