Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who owns Facebook?

Paul D. Ceglia went to court to show a contract that he and Mark Zuckerberg signed in 2003 and shows that Paul D. Ceglia has a share of 84% of Facebook.

Facebook says this act is ridicules and not true, however the the judge Thomas Brown is taking at least the claim serious and ordered facebook not anymore to sell shares till further notice (source Wall Street Journal).The claim went on June 30th to the Court in Allegeny, where the Paul D. lives. The claim is based on a paper work with the title “work for Hire Contract”. The paper says the developer Paul did buy 50% of the predecessor of Facebook (The Face Book) for $1000 and for each day till the original website was done another percent, which will end up in total 84%.
Normally this could seem very plausible, it happens many times that entrepreneurs are hiring friends or developers at the beginning of their venture  and promise deals like share instead of full develop payment. The problem will come when a start up like this gets big and the former developer could make a lot of money out of this.
But in this case I doubt that Paul D C. is really saying the truth, only because he has other lawsuit running where he supposedly did steel some money from another company. This lawsuit is still running.
Even if we read a lot of things how Mark Zuckerberg is not the nicest guy in the world and has only really one goal to rule the world (at least in his way), I don’t think he would have had somebody outside of his university or close friendship to help him with the website. A person at an university in this age, can either do the whole thing alone, or with friends who have enough coding knowledge. The facebook as it was at the beginning is not extremely complicated.
I can much more envision that sometimes somebody is coming and claim that Mark Z. did steel the code for his social network from another site, or did this already happen a few years ago?

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