Sunday, July 18, 2010

Video with iPhone 4 and iMovie

First time that i did record a movie with iPhone and assembled with iMovie on the iPhone.
Taping was pretty forward, but using iMovie was not easy at all. It is a simple application, but not always intuitive. I chose a theme and I am pretty disappointed that there are only a few themes to choose from. Then i added a few videos to the theme. Cutting the videos is not easy. You basically have to cut from the beginning of the clip and or at the end till you have the part you wish to use. You can't just cut in the middle of a clip. The transition you can choose from are limited as well. Either one theme transition or a few standards.
You can add as well images and define how long they should be in the project (standard is one second). After a while i figured out i can zoom into the image to give it some movements. Still images should always move a little in the movie. Then i added the theme song and some titles. Unfortunately you can only put titles on clips not on images (or i did not not find). Title can be either a start, middle or end title.
When you are done you export the movie in small middle or HD format. I chose HD and it took for my 2 minutes video around 10 minutes to export. But i was not able to upload to YouTube through iphone as HD, it got compressed. The biggest issue was that i lost for my project all videos after syncing with my computer. The vides were still there but iMovie did not recognize them anymore.
iMovie is a nice little software and right now the only one for editing movies on the iPhone. I would like to see more functions and a little be more stable. An iPad version would be great. $4.99 is ok, but hopefully updates are coming.
It makes sense to edit the clips on the iphone when you are on the road or just need a nice movie in Facebook, without connecting to your computer to do the editing. To upload to Facebook, you need an extra app, i chose iLoader Lite. The Facebook app itself does not allow to upload videos (images only).
My IPhoto has issues with my new iPhone 4 and does not load my pictures and movies anymore. This is a bigger issue which i should investigate, i hope it is just my computer and not an Apple issue.

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