Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The google and Apple fight goes on

YouTube ( owned by google) announced on their website blog on 7.7.2010 the new YouTube mobile version (
Which is cool and at first nothing special against Apple. But as we know the iPhone had a YouTube application preinstalled. Reading the blog and watching the video in the blog, it is a clear sign that google will not support anymore updates to the YouTube app on the iPhone. Instead the user should use YouTube mobile and add the shortcut to the iPhone screen.

From the blog:
" As the world continues to go mobile, we think this is a great improvement for users who want a more consistent YouTube across many devices, no matter where they are. We're launching in English only today, but will be rolling it out in other languages in the coming months. You can access the latest YouTube mobile site from your iPhone or Android browser. To learn more, visit to check out the latest improvements and take a minute to watch this demo video...."

When you watch the movie you you recognize that YouTube shows an iPhone and not an android to demonstrate the new mobile YouTube.
The video runs through a number of new features offered by the mobile site that are more limited in the iPhone app. Mr. Doronichev product manager at YouTube is pointing out that on the Web site you can see the “like” or “dislike” buttons that YouTube now uses for video ratings. The iPhone application still uses the old star ratings.

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