Friday, July 2, 2010

Google is getting into a new service

Google is expanding their service with online ticket search. Google is on the way to buy ITA software for around 700 million. The deal is not done yet, because it get right now examined by the American regulation. This deal would give google a key role in travel search.
Almost all travel sites like are using the service from ITA.
Even bing is using the DB from ITA. Google is promising that all existing contracts will stay, however they are not talking about changes when the contracts are due to renew.
ITA was founded in the 90es and is very well acknowledge for it's good data collection and queries.
The high price google is willing to pay is big indicator that Google has big plans with ITAs software.
ITA based in Boston does almost only offer service in the USA, therefore is no need for Google to claim the acquisition to the European regulators.
It is interesting to see what other services Google will buy which does support my theory, that google wants to dominate the market as a service and ad placement company.

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