Monday, July 5, 2010

There is still space for another ebook company

As an iPad user i love iBooks, and I like the amazon software and the one from Barnes and Nobles. Sure the Sony version is not bad neither. However all of them are missing one important factor which is reducing them to get older people or myself as a frequent customer.
Do you know what i am talking about?
The ability to rent a book like in a library. My mother in law and i are reading a lot and seldom a book twice. Why should I buy a book when i can get it in the library for my monthly membership fee?
Think about netflix. They did destroy Blockbuster because of no late fees, by allowing with a low monthly fee to have one DVD a time. If you pay more you can even have multiple DVD at the same time.
I am very confident if there is another ebook company which you pay $8 monthly fee for having one book at the time, it would rock. And technically it is easy to do. Customer can only download a book when agreeing on that current book gets deleted ( handled by the app). And of course the app would not allow to print a full book.
Alternative the consumer could buy a book for the full price to keep it forever.
Consumer could rent up to 3 books at the same if paying a higher monthly fee.
This model would follow the long tail theory, which works fine with netflix movies, why not for ebooks?
New expensive books attracting consumers, old cheap books make the majority and get much more rented.

Maybe there is model like this on the market, but if so, then their marketing is really bad.

Who ever would realize this model, could even have their own ebook reader hardware, we all would buy it, and then of course for all other readers a software to be platform independent. This would be a complete market overrun.
Let me know when somebody has a startup for this, i will buy stocks.

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