Saturday, July 31, 2010

More issues with iPhone 4

IPhone 4 is a great phone, fast and beautiful, but far from perfect. The antenna issue is not the only one. A lot of users are complaining at the apple discussion forum about facetime freezing and not being able to get photos and videos into iPhoto.
I have no problem so far with facetime, but iPhone 4 and iPhoto don't like each other when I have videos on the iPhone. iPhoto is not able to import any of the videos or photos. It works fine when I have only photos. I even went to Apple store and they had the same problem. They promised me to call me when they got answer from CA. This was one week ago and still no solution.
The only solution I found is to restore your iPhone and set it up as a new phone. After this, all works fine.

The new iPhone looks great but the shell is not perfect designed. The connector hole at the bottom of the phone is slightly bigger than before. If you use an old iPhone cable or a 3rd party cable to sync and charge your iPhone, the cable will be lose. And a slight move of the phone will disconnect the connection, even if the cable is still connected with the phone.

Apple time to be perfect is not anymore present. They went too big to be able to take a long time to make a product perfect. Now they have to be faster on the market which allows higher risk for mistakes.

But we should not forget that the iPhone is better than most other smart phones. Apple has only 65,000 complains about the iPhone 4 which got sold already 3 million times in the states. This is less than 2%.
The HTC Evo count already around 6,000 complains by estimated 600k units sold (source CNN fortune This is around 10% and 5 times higher than for the iPhone 4.

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