Friday, April 15, 2011

What is going on with Facebook?

Facebook is the world biggest social network with over 800 million users (550 million active). And of course I have a Facebook account as well.

Mostly I am posting into my wall using either the Facebook iPhone app or other 3rd party apps. I seldom use the Facebook website.
This morning I went into facebook through Safari after weeks not using the internet browser. Because a friend of mine did send a message.
When I clicked on messages link I got a popup about new features in Facebook I had only two choices "next" and "skip". The only way to get the modal window away is to choose one of these. With skip all was fine till I tried to go to messages again, the modal window came again. When clicking on next another popup opened talking about the person Facebook email I had choice to skip or to create this email address. Skip started the process from the beginning again with first modal window.
The only way to get these alert boxes away was to accept the Facebook email address.
I did not want to have a Facebook email, now I have one and I will see how much spam I will get. It is now easy for spammers. The email addresses are your Very easy to send spam to millions of people. Facebook was the last place were I did not get spam. This might be soon over.

Maybe it was a Safari issue or poor executing the information windows. Or it was under purpose from Facebook. I don't know. And unfortunately I forgot to make a screenshot till it was too late.

I was really upset that the only option I had was to create a Facebook email address. Where is my choice?

I can understand that facebook would like that everybody has a Facebook email address and that people are starting to use it. It could eventually kill gmail, if FB starts to build their email function out and make it more compelling.

Please let me know if you had a similar experience and maybe some screenshots.

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