Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New York Times is giving better deals

New York Times started end of last month to charge for their content. Non NYT subscribers must now pay when they want to read more than 20 articles a month.the price is relative high. $20 a month for the iPad or $34 a month if you want to read the articles on phone and iPad.

The alternative is to either get the home delivery with a 50% discount for the first 26 weeks or to use other iPad apps to read news. Good alternatives are pulse, Reuters and SkyGrid they are all free and gives you a lot which you get with the NYT app.

Pulse and SkyGrid are RSS and blog blog readers on steroids. You choose the topics and the apps go out into the world to find news and blogs.

As you can see there is a lot of free alternatives to NYT, NYT did feel the pressure and a lot of consumers walking away because of their high price, that they now start to give 50% off for the first 26 weeks on their mobile access.

Every user who did test the last few months the NYT and did not sign up for payment got an email from NYT with the 50% offer.

The iPad app is now only $2.5 a week. $10 a month is something I would be willing to pay. Or if you want to save more money then you could go with the iPhone app installed on your iPad for $1.88 a week. However the iPhone app is much more built for small screen and not so well for the iPad. But you can save more.

I would recommend to take advantage of the discount if you are thinking to get the NYT. I am pretty sure that a lot of things can happen in 26 weeks and if NYT does not get enough subscribers the price will stay low.

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