Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New iPhone iOS preview or Fake?

Last week a Vietnamese Technology blog ( posted a video of new features for the iPhone OS.

It is unclear if the new interface is an early prototype, showcasing features that will make it into the next iPhone update, or if the designs were killed by Apple during the development of the iPhone 4, which was released last year.

Either way, the video is quickly making the rounds in the tech blogosphere, where most believe it showcases an authentic Apple design. Bloggers were also excited that the demonstration takes place on the highly coveted white iPhone 4. The white iPhone has been delayed for months because of discoloration problems with the phone’s exterior.

However the most interesting part for me was that the video shows the iphone will have 64GB (1:27 sec in the video). Some iOS features shown in the video are showing nicer previews of running apps.

However if you look closer to this video the speed seems to be very slow (which is weird for a new OS or Phone) and some apps like voice memo are using different icons than currently in use. Voice memo used to be red like in the video but now the icon is blue, The calculator icon is like in OS 3.0. It is very likely that this is a rip off from China, Or Apple goes back to older icons which happended a couple of times too. There are right now in China many fake iphones with similar looking OS and preinstalled apps and therefore always a possibility that this could be fake.

Current iphone has 32GB only.

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