Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adobe Wallaby right now more Wanna be.

Adobe released there prerelease verison of Wallaby. Wallaby is a tool to convert FLA files into html.
The diea is to help designers to build still their work in Flash (FLA) and then to export it either to swf for browsers which are supporting swf or to export it to HTML for devices like iPhone or iPad which don't support flash. I did not find yet a good tool to do this, but this would be a killer app.

Download and install was easy, however most of the files were not be able to convert and it creates for graphics many times svg files (scalable vector graphics) which are only supported in Chrome and Safari right now. IE 8 can't display them (but IE 8 does anyway not support HTML 5) and it did not work for me with Firefox 3.6.3.
The results are poor and the support of html is very small see list below. Overall i am right now disappointed with Adobe. The tool does not do a lot but hopefully more will come. A big company like Adobe should be better with their tools. The few things which are supported are as easy and better done manually through HTML tools.

With most of the FLA files are even not supported to be converted.

Right now i would give Adobe Wallaby a D-.

3D transforms Unsupported
ActionScript 1,2 Unsupported
ActionScript 3 Unsupported
Blend Modes Unsupported Unsupported by HTML or CSS
Button - visuals (normal, hover, active) SVG, CSS Complete Buttons inside of a button are not supported
Button - events Unsupported Requires JavaScript for actions
Compiled Clips Unsupported Requires Actionscript support
Components Unsupported Most require Actionscript and Compiled Clip support
Fills - gradients or images SVG Complete
Fills - solid colors SVG Complete
Filters (DropShadow, Glow, Blur, ColorMatrix) SVG Unsupported Supported by SVG but not Safari and Safari Mobile
Filters - Advanced (Bevel, Gradient Bevel/Glow) Unsupported No SVG, HTML, or CSS support
FrameSets HTML and Javascript Complete
Gradients SVG Complete
Images HTML or SVG Complete A few formats have issues with alpha
Inverse Kinematics Unsupported Right click on the Armature and select 'Convert to Frame by Frame Animation'
Layers - Art/Normal SVG Complete
Layers - Folder Complete
Layers - Guide Complete
Layers - Mask SVG Mask Artwork, Webkit Clip Partial No support for multiple framesets in Mask layer, several Webkit bugs
Scale 9 graphics Unsupported Need to dynamically scale
Paths - Cubic & Quadratic SVG Complete
Scenes Complete
Sound - Stream, Event Unsupported
Strokes - gradients or images Unsupported
Strokes - solid colors SVG Partial No advanced dashing (i.e. Dotted, Hatched, Stippled, Ragged)
Text - Classic Static SVG Partial Text Limitations
Text - Classic Dynamic, Input SVG Partial Text Limitations
Text - Font Embedding SVG Complete Text Limitations
Text - TLF SVG Partial Text Limitations
Timelines Partial Nested timelines difficult and there are a few known bugs
Tweening - Shape Complete One SVG file is created for each frame of a Shape Tween. This can cause a large number of SVG files for complex animations using Shape Tween leading to playback performance issues on iOS devices. Some of the complex cases may not convert correctly.
Tweening - Classic CSS3 animation Partial No Filters or ColorMatrix support
Tweening - Motion CSS3 animation Partial No Filters, Brightness, Tint or Advanced Color support
Video - Embedded/External Unsupported

Text Limitations

We currently emit both Classic and TLF text as SVG text blocks which are included in an HTML wrapper. This provides generally good mapping of the FLA features to HTML/SVG but there are a variety of issues. Font embedding is done by use the SVG font mechanism.

Font Embedding

•No support for different anti-alias modes like FLA provides. This is a Flash Player feature that has no support in HTML.

Common Text

•There may be line break differences from the original FLA

•There may be subtle differences in glyph spacing/positioning

•Subscript and superscript text at different position and font size

•Selectable text is not supported

•Links/Anchors are not supported

•Vertical text is not supported; it will be ignored

•Justified text will become left aligned if using the 'Use device fonts' anti-alias mode

•As with other graphic types, text does not support:

◦Blend modes

◦Filters (this includes the TLF 'Color Effect')

Classic Text

•Input text is not supported; it is read only for now

TLF Text

•Linked containers are not supported; only the first text block will be shown

•Inline graphics are not supported

•Editable text is not supported; it is read only for now

•Tab stops cause file failures

•Kerning will be lost for text with the 'Use device fonts' anti-alias mode

•The 'Character' attribute 'Rotation' is not supported

•The 'Character' attribute 'Strikethrough' is not supported

•The 'Character' attribute 'Underline' is not supported

•The 'Character' attribute 'Highlight' is not supported

•The 'Advanced Character' attribute 'Digit Case' is not supported

•The 'Advanced Character' attribute 'Digit Width' is not supported

•The 'Advanced Character' attribute 'Break ' is not supported

•The 'Advanced Character' attribute 'Ligatures' is not supported

•The 'Paragraph' attribute 'Text Justify' is not supported

•The 'Container and Flow' attribute 'Columns' is not supported

•The 'Container and Flow' attribute '1st Line Offset' is not supported

•The 'Container and Flow' attribute 'Alignment' is not supported

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