Monday, March 14, 2011

ipad 2, who should buy?

iPad 2 is since 3/11 on sale and was sold over the weekend 1 Million times, twice as much as estimated.
However, the big question is who should buy the ipad 2.
It is a no brainer for everybody who does not has an iPad yet. For sure the iPad 2is the fastest, best looking and best battery power of all tablets and there are over 65,000 applications available for the iPad. Androids tablets can right now not over more than 50 apps in best case.

But interesting is that 60% of the iPad 2 buyers are owners of the first iPad, this is a significant number which i cant really understand. The iPad 2 is twice as fast as iPad 1, 33% thinner and has two cameras (first version had no camera). But is this enough to replace the existing iPad? Not for everybody, especially that the iPad 1 resale price did fall under 50% of original price. this is a lost between $250 and $400 within less than a year.

If you have already an iPad, you should consider to wait for the October release of iPad 4G. Especially if you a traveller like me. My biggest problem today (with the ipad) is not solved with iPad 2. I like to watch movies through Netflix, but hotel Wifi is mostly slow and expensive. Hilton hotels are charging per day per device $10. And the Wifi connection is very bad, much too slow to stream movies. I am not a big first person shooter gamer, and i am right now happy with facetime over my iPhone.
Netflix movies streaming with 3G is not an option neither, it is just too slow.

Another consideration for buying an iPad 2, is to buy it with 3G or Wifi only. Normally i would say Wifi only if you have an iPhone and use tethering over the iphone, it costs the same as the monthly 3G fees on the ipad ($20), however it saves you $130 for your ipad. The big disadvantage is that you won't have assisted GPS with the Wifi only device. GPS apps will partly work on the the Wifi only version, but will use cell phone towers for positioning. This is much more inaccurate than satellites and not allows available depending where you are. As long you are in big cities Cell Tower GPS works fine. You just need to make sure your wifi is on (more battery usage). It does not matter if you are connected to a wifi channel as long it is running.
The 3G option is most desired if you want to use your iPAd as a supersized navigation device. I can see a lot of usage for it, especially with Route 66 navigation software which uses AR to show you exaclty where you are with real street image.

It is a smart marketing move from Apple to have the GPS on the communication board for 3G.

If you are an owner of iPad 1 and you want to sell it, then the best bet is to sell it over eBay in countries where even the original iPad is hard to get like Poland, Japan or India etc.

Otherwise i would recommend to wait till end of year the 4G version is coming out.

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