Monday, March 28, 2011

Some NFC ideas outside using it for payments

We all talk about NFC and the upcoming iPhone 5 which might have an NFC chip. Mostly the ideas are around payment and loyalty.

Here are some ideas which are different but useful based on that each phone has an unique identifier (EMEI)

1. Office
Would it not be nice to wave your phone to get entry in the office and the time stamp instead of using a batch? I don't know how often i did forget my batch and had to wait till somebody open the door for me in the office. But i never forget my phone. Or would it not be nice to lock and unlock your computer just by sitting at the computer? As soon you leave your desk your computer would be logged off. A NFC chip in your phone could make this happen.

2. Home
After a long working day you come home and the garage door will open without pushing a button. As soon you enter the house a voice is greeting you and tells you how many calls you missed.
You switch your music on your phone on and as soon you enter the living room the music will play over the speakers in the living room. Going in your bedroom the music switches to the speakers in the bedroom.
Maybe all TVs have a NFC reader and you can use finally only one remote for everything, your phone.

3. Car
As soon you walk to the car it will unlock and when you are in the car it will change seat position to your size and the car starts. No need to have any keys with you.

All this is possible with having a NFC chip in your phone and readers in the car, house etc.

These are only a few ideas where NFC could be useful. Even if we still need to carry our Credit Cards, we at least don't need keys and batches anymore.


  1. well jack i aslo have an idea that can seriously go somewhere is there any way I could contact you to find out more?

  2. Sure you can email me To mrlacher(at) Looking forward to read.