Thursday, November 11, 2010

Photos- the next social frontier

Many of us are using flickr, Apple me, google picasa or for uploading their images into the internet to make them viewable for friends and sometimes the rest of the world. But it seems that till now advertising did not really take advantage of it.
More and more smart phones have high resolution image capture of 5MB even 8MB photos and the most important part they have geo tagging. And there are more and more pocket cameras with GPS for geo tagging.
I am imagine a new photo/travel service coming up. A portal to upload picture and for others to see them on map.
I travel a lot, i might want to upload images from my trip, maybe only images from buildings or nature. Other people can see them and maybe decide to go to a small town like Bretten in Germany because they liked what they saw. I know this is not really new, other services are already offering this.
But what if this portal is a travel portal, and we can not only upload images with geo information but as well Twitter tweets with things what we ate or saw etc. Twitter already has Geo data capturing when we use our phone for the tweets. Basically everybody can have in this portal their own travel guide with real time info and locations.
Financed is this service from local stores and restaurant and global brands. An user might upload a picture of the eiffel tower and tweet how he liked the food in Paris. A local restaurant bought ad space and the restaurant shows up in the page like in the yellow pages with current menu.
This is just a high level of the idea, but I see here a great method to get local advertisement where it makes sense.
Everybody is talking since years about better local advertisement, but nobody really found the golden egg. This is the golden egg, because the ads would reach travelers and friends.
To give this service more hype, an user would get for each uploaded photo points, enough points will give the user a coupon for a local business nearby the users current location. When a tagged image is uploaded a local business shows up and the user can rate it to get more points. Every other user who looks at the pictures and clicks on one of the shown local ads (local to image location, not local to viewer location) will give the person who clicks a coupon.
This service will have mobile version as well. On mobile devices the user can collect QR codes instead of print coupons. These QR codes are the coupons which the local store can scan to give the user discount.
These codes or always unique and only valid for one scan. As soon it is scanned the target page to redeem is not available anymore.

The user has to use his facebook account, to register on this travel portal. This helps the user not to remember another login and the portals owner can better customize and personalize the page to the users interests.

To be a member of this portal the user need to have an invitation from another Facebook user similar like rockmelt is doing.
And of course it can run as well as a Facebook app. And because myspace is coming back, the portal would show to the images the favorite songs of the person who did upload the photos.

A portal like this would combine social like Twitter and Facebook, geo tagging, QR Codes, coupons, loyalty points and local ads in one place without annoying the users.

These are all the latest trends combine in one. Why is not anybody thinking about this?

Or do i miss something why it should not work?

You want to know more about the concept? Email me and I will tell you more in details.

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