Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New York Times iPad app

A few weeks ago, the New York Times Editor choice which had only around 30 articles got updated to New York Times full version. And the best part is, the content is free.

Since then the application got named as one of the best free applications for the iPad, which I could agree, if there were not so many bugs and if the pleasure would not stop end of year. The NYTimes will start to cost money in 2011.

Since the upgrade the starting time of the NYT takes up to 30 seconds. We have the fun to see a white screen with an almost white logo till the app starts.

The app will then finally start on the page we left the application which brings the app to crash when the last viewed article is not anymore featured in the app or moved to another location.

If you are lucky and it starts without crash then you have a nice overview of articles.

Clicking on one of the articles teasers will open the full article, if you are lucky. If for some reason the overview page got not updated the app will crash again if the selected article is not available or moved.

Clicking on sections will open a list of sections. To avoid crashes you should hit "update all".

Finally reading the full article will show at the beginning on the bottom a navigation which can bring you back to main page on section or other articles.

This navigation will go away after a few seconds that you can read full article. If you want to get this navigation back, you have to put your finger a few seconds on the screen. Unfortunately the app is very sensitive. Instead of showing the bottom nav the article will jump to previous article page when trying to get to this navigation. I did read a 7 pages article and needed to try 6 times till it was back at first page before I got the bottom navigation.

To run the NYT app you need to create an account, which is fine. The settings have only two parts. Your email address and a switch for breaking news. Breaking news are alerts to your iPad in case something is marked as breaking news like election results.
Nice feature but I got in the last few weeks only 8 alerts, 7 of them today with election results.

NYT released a new version, just when i was finished with my blog. Will see if it is more stable. If so then it is one of the best magazines to read on the iPad.

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