Thursday, November 4, 2010

Google instant now on mobile

Google released a few months ago google instant for PC. When typing a search, google will display possible results underneath the search box, which should save a few seconds to find the right page. Some people are claiming that because of this feature the searching takes longer, because we instantly look at displayed results instead of typing the full word. I did blog about this in september (you can find it in the archive).

Since today a version of google instant is available on the mobile devices like iPhone, androids and iPad. Google uses Ajax and HTML 5 for displaying to avoid reloads of the page. It is still in beta and because of the small screen of iPhone or android phones it is not so much impressive but it works well.

I searched on the iPhone for Walmart and the walmart domain came instantly up after typing a few letters.

The keyboard is covering the half of the screen that eventual displayed ads are not shown.

I got similar result on the iPad when searching for target. But did not see any results underneath of the search box like on the PC but at least in the suggestion box.

Solsie did post a video to show how it works. Currently it is only working when using google through a browser directly not using the the search box. And it is only supported by Android 2.2 and iOS 4.1

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