Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Google is speeding up and goes fashion

The last few months we read a lot about facebook and their new features. The latest is their email service. But all new at Facebook is within their core business and network. If nobody would use Facebook anymore, they would not have anything left.

Google is different, they started as a search engine and bought many companies which are using the google search engine but can pretty well survive without a page.

In the last two weeks, google came with at least two new cool things. First they extended goggles. Before Goggles allowed users to make a picture of something and send this to google and within seconds search results are coming back. You might make a picture of a celebrity but you are not sure if it is really Julia Roberts. Send it to goggles and you will find out.
Now brands can buy into the results. It is like a QR code steroids. Google did start with 5 brands. When you as an example take a picture of a certain Delta poster, goggle will give a special brand page from Delta back as first search result.

This week google did something totally new. They opened a new fashion search engine (funny geeks and fashion) called

This fashion site got launched on Wednesday and is as well available as iPad app.
Google did acquire last year which builds the core team for
I worked as a consultant many years in fashion like Polo Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Tom Ford therefore I am always interested in new fashion sites. Fashion and jewelry is always hard to present in the Internet, it is almost not possible to show the real beauty.

The website:
This is a totally different e-commerce experience for fashion, it is not as beautiful like or but it has tons of features and one of the highest image qualities I saw so far in the Internet.
The website is grouped by fashion designer, celebrity, blogger, retailer, trend and so on.
But sorry all fashion men in the world, boutiques does only offer products for women.
The shown celebrities like the Olsen sisters are paid to be part of, bit this is fine.
Google did a really goof job in indexing the images the text, the price, basically everything on the page. If you search for lavender, you get lavender back. Google did not tag the images with colors but did learn their search engine to recognize colors and it works amazing. They learned the search engine hundreds of colors and when ever a new product image is uploaded it recognize instantly the color.

As a user you can like and hate each product and build your own boutique in there.
You can take a styling quiz to customize boutiques to your taste and you can share each item with twitter or email (sorry facebook, but google does not like you anymore).
Taking the fashion quiz will take about 10 minutes. You need to have an account to do so and disappointing is that I needed to create a new one, i could use my existing gmail account.
Below an image of my personal boutique. Even if I selected red and pink as my favorite colors, most of the items are black.

You can save items to your personal boutique, others can follow your boutique.
Each item is a click away. Google does not sell the items it is basically a search engine for fashion.
Selecting an item will go to the sellers store like

The iPad app:

The biggest disappointment is that the iPad app does not rotate, you have to surf in landscape. I seldom use my iPad in landscape and I don't think google should force me to use it in landscape.
But the beauty of the app is that the user keeps all the time in the app instead of click away.

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