Thursday, November 4, 2010

Google instant search for mobile

Google released on Thursday instant search for for iOs 4 and Android 2.2 as beta. Which follows after two months on instant search for PC. Instant search should reduce the search time because search results get displayed during writing. Some are saying that search time is even longer because we look at results when starting to type instead of finishing typing.

I tested it with my iPhone by typing Walmart. I get in the suggestion box pretty early the walmart domain without finishing the word. The mobile screen is so small that the keyboard is covering half of the screen, that I can't tell if there are any search results in the page shown. Technology to display the text is Ajax and html5 to avoid reloads during typing.

I tested the same on the iPad with target and same result, but there the keyboard is not covering the page, but still don't see any results in the page only in suggestion box, which exist since a long time.

With bing I get the same but does not claim instant results.

Google is claiming that this rollout is not yet for everybody available. Maybe I have to wait to see real instant search.
Solsie is showing a video how it is working on an Android phone.

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