Saturday, November 27, 2010

iPad the best blogging device if there were more blog software

What device is the best for a blogger? A phone, not really. I is great to have it all the time with you to blog whenever something comes in mind, but the screen and keyboard is just too small.
Maybe a PC would be great, big screen and full keyboard, but we are seldom at the PC when we want to blog. We might even forgot what we did want to blog till we are back at the PC. The next close to a PC is a notebook, but you can't lay down and write in your bed or on the coach, it is too heavy.

I started to blog when I bought my iPad, one reason why I never blogged before was that i had no device which made blogging easy. Only when I got the iPad i felt that this is the perfect device to blog. You can carry everywhere you want and only need to be charged every other day. A perfect device for field trips. The screen is big enough and has a build in full size touchscreen keyboard.

My only issue is that i am using blogger from google to blog and for the iPad is only one blog software available to blog to blogger. I could use the website directly to blog, but I need to be online and it is horrible to use.
The only available blog software to blog to blogger through the iPad is blogpress. It is a nice software, only $2.99 and works most of time well. The app is developed by one guy and he answers every email, when i have issues, but unfortunately the app is great but not perfect. I am really disappointed that there are not more blog software for the iPad ( there are few more but they all don't support google blogger). It is actually funny that there are more blogger software for the iPhone than the iPad, I could never use the iPhone for blogging. If you have wordpress for your blogs then you have much more choices.

Blogpress has issues with location recognition and when you use blogpress picture upload instead picasa then your pictures get deleted from your picture library after upload, otherwise it is simple and easy to use. You can save drafts, online and offline and the beauty is you can instantly post your blog to twitter and Facebook. I would like to see other social networks like linkedin.

It is really interesting that there is for the perfect blogging device only a handful blog software and only one which supports Google blogger.
I thought with over 50,000 iPad native apps there should be more.

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