Tuesday, November 9, 2010

iPad dual boot Mac OS X and iOS

Before the iPad came out there was a big discussion if the iPad will have dual boot.
Of course it did not have it.
Since then the iPad has been hacked numerous times to run pieces of code never meant for the device, such as Flash or even Windows 95, but so far, the hacks were limited in term of added capabilities. A coder who downloaded the Chrome OS source code on the chromiumos.org website managed to tweak the source of the Google operating system to work on an iPad, and compiled it. The result? A Chrome OS powered iPad, a hack that most engineers in Cupertino must be cringing about.

A video has been posted on YouTube by user Hexxeh, a seasoned coder who regularly compiles custom builds of Google’s operating system. Dubbed “ChromePad”, the hacked iPad seems to be running the Chrome web browser flawlessly, and seems to be responding to user inputs. The video doesn’t show much more, but getting to that point is already quite an accomplishment.

Besides these attempts i hear many times from co workers that the iPad would be perfect if it had dual boot for MacOs X and iOS. First thought oh yeah, but after thinking about it, i don't see a reason.

Why do we need? I can do all with my iPad I need to do, I still need my notebook because it is faster and bigger display.
We could argue with MacOs X we can have MS office on it. But I dot need it, i have pages, numbers and keynote on the iPad and it works just fine. Outlook? No need mail has exchange connection, ah maybe for calendar and meetings. No not really, calendar on the iPad jet works fine with Exchange. I schedule meetings, I accept meeting and I even decline them, all synced with my PC thanks to Exchange.
Sometimes in a meeting I need to connect to a real computer to run software which is not available for the iPad. No problem I use VPN software and see full screen on the iPad.
Ok, I am not a developer, but do we really want to develop on a 9.7 inch display?

Then there are some big enterprise apps build for PC, guess what they have an app for this, like Dynamics CRM for the iPad.

IOS is missing multi tasking on the iPad, but only till Friday then we all can have this and run multiple apps at the same time.

I don't miss anything and can right now not think at anything i would need MacOSX, i believe it is just an excuse of some people not to buy an iPad. They expect from a device this price to be more like a full computer, and guess again it is not necessary, other pads are not cheaper and I save so much money with my iPad because the apps are cheaper and the amount of different apps is great.
And i save tons of money for children games. Do you know how expensive leapfrog is? (read an old blog of mine about kids games).
MacOSX is not designed for touch and would need an overhaul, I most likely would see in the future a mixed of both as one OS.

Did i already say that i read in average 60 minutes more a day because I have the iPad with just iOS? The knowledge I build is so much more than the $829 i paid. Which is not totally true. I actually paid nothing, because i sold in May a few in Germany with some good markup.
iPad is not perfect, and not a full computer, but I knew it when I bought the iPad. My iMac i7 is beautiful but less in use since the iPad moved in our house.

The iPad is the first computer we have which is truly a family computer and in use from everybody, and this opens only one thing i am missing on iOS, not to be able to have multiple user accounts on one iPad.

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