Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Google instant preview available

Google had a few days instant preview on their google experimental website. Google showed this feature even directly on their homepage.

The idea is that user can click on a magnifier in the search results to see a preview of the page. A function ask.com had a log time, but never took off because the images were cashed and too old. Google is promising more recent screenshots.
This function was first seen in the UK a few months ago and now here in the US.

Unfortunately when i started with the blog to make some screenshots the function was not working on the iPad besides displaying the option to test.

I instantly opened Safari on my MacBook Pro and it worked fine. Some search results have a magnifier which indicates there is an instant preview and the images are pretty recent. I used the windows example because I know Microsoft is changing this page all the time. I tested the search term windows365. The images are very low res and hard to see details.
Google gets more and more complex and I feel that the speed is going down and speed is something which feels important.
Google has now so much going on that it is hard to find what we are looking for. The intend is to make it easier but instant search, instant preview and the left hand navigation is for my taste too much.

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