Friday, November 5, 2010

How young is too young?

I read yesterday at the NYTimes the following article.

YOU'RE THE BOSS: When the Tech Guy Is 13 (or Even 10)
You can save a lot of money hiring youthful technology experts, but there are risks.

It is about two 11 years old kids, who did develop with 10 years a professional website for $700, which would have cost multiple thousand dollars made from adults.
And some other stories in this article about kids and how fit they are on computers.
Bottom line I agree that younger people are getting better with new technology. I am right now over 40 but was as a teenager so fit with my computer (C 64) that i was allowed to teach at school informatics because I knew more about coding than any teacher at our school. My son is less than 3 years old and know more about computers than me when I was 8.

However the question is how young are we allowed to be to sell coding service? As a parent i would not allow to do this kind of paid work if my son would be under 14. Or if, then he has to be paid like an adult if his work is as good. Otherwise we are supporting underpaid child work.
Countries like the US or Germany do not tolerate children work in 3rd world countries but we think it is cool if a 10 year old kid does build for businesses websites or networks and get paid a tenth of an adult. This is almost double moral.

Again i am impressed about the children who know how to code etc, but it should not be used to get good but inexpensive work done.

Better allow them to do an internship and help them to develop and give them a chance to finance their school with the option to hire them after they finished school.

As a child i had talent, but I missed a mentor who could help me to develop my skills which my parents might not could help me. These kids need help to grow with their talent and not some few bucks for professional work.

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