Sunday, May 8, 2011

What is the smart phone of the future?

My wife and I went on a longer bike ride through the country. During enjoying the nature my thoughts went everywhere till I came to think about smart phones.
How Apple changed the way how we use smart phones and how Apple defined a new type of mobile device with the iPad.
I was wondering where all this will go. I figured that actually so far not much changed. We still have an electronically device with a screen and we write to input information and to get results.
Of course it changed a lot since we had our first computer. The graphics are more realistic and partly even blended into reality (AR). And instead of of a physical keyboard, we either write directly on the screen or use apps like Dragon Dictation to speak to text.
The need of a mouse is totally gone. Devices like Nintendo 3DS can even generate graphics in 3D without the need of special goggles.

Imagine 20 years from now. Would we still have phones and computers?
Sure somehow, even more than today, but better integrated in our life.
I think a phone does not exist anymore, more likely a watch or ring serves as watch and personal computer. A few years ago and still today, it was and is important that memory gets smaller in physical size but bigger in terms of holding data. This changes with the cloud and the ability to access your data everywhere to anytime in fast speed.
In 20 years, we don't need anymore a device which can hold more than the OS. All data and maybe applications will be in the cloud. Any device can access the Internet (or whatever it will be called in 20 years). Our toaster will have build in Internet connection to get latest firmware for optimized made toast. You want to have on your toast your favorite football team logo? No problem, just download it through your toaster for only 3 credits.
Yes the main currency will be credits not $, of course (depending on the company where we will buy credits) a credit has between $0.50 and $100 value.
But online payment will be only translated into credits. Credits are a good marketing tool. Similar like clothing sizes for women, everybody has different base value for a credit. Or like today calories per serving on packages, the court will rule that there must always an explanation how much credits equals $1 that the consumer is able to compare.
The phone does not exist anymore, if we want to make a call we talk to our watch which will made the connection to the recipient . People don't have anymore a phone number. We call the email address, or whatever the unique address is we use for emails calls etc. And the recipient can take the call if he wants. As soon the connection is established we see a hologram coming out of our watch (if we want to make a video call). We don't need to carry cameras. The watch has a small camera build into it as well almost all electronic devices we have. Refrigerator, TV (if we still have them), toaster, car etc.

When we are in the office, we only use our voice. Typing is only in use when we don't want that others can hear what we have to say, which comes handy in office cubes. But then we basically wave our hands for and back to get certain documents on the projected screen and type in the air into a visual keyboard.

In 20 years we might have a life mixed out of the minority report, Star Wars and Star Trek.
But one is certain, I will still ride my bike, and think how will be the world 20 years later. The difference might be that if I need a special piece for my bike, I don't go anymore to eBay to buy the piece. I will go to eBay to buy and download the CAD file for the item I need and then print it with my 3D printer. Within an hour my bike is fixed again.

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