Sunday, May 29, 2011

One year blogging, what a great time

I bought last year in April my first iPad. Just two month later I decided to start a blog. The reason for this was that many people told me I should blog, because i always had an opinion on Apple, Internet and social.

My blog of course is small but I had almost 390 posts in one year. The blog did grow almost 50% every month.

The biggest break through came in February 2011. So far I am totally amazed how many people are reading my blog. I average now 1,000 people a day which is really good for a blog just one year old. The most read post was about my complain of the New York Time app.

I never thought how much time a blog does consume. I need in average an hour to write a post, but research can take up to 5 hours. In total (with research) I did spend in the last year 700 hours blogging and reading, this is almost 2 hours a day. But the most amazing part is that I found new friends through my blog. People form Australia, people working at Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple.

Some people even asked me for advice. It is just great.

A few things I learned during this year.
I get more readers when I blog at least once a day, and I get the most when I blog 3 times a day. I lose readers when I don't blog.
I get more readers when my blog title is unrelated to my topic but contains names of famous people.

I want to say thank you to all my readers. Without having such a big reading group, I would not blog anymore. But all these feedbacks, positive and negative keep me running. My three main topics are mobile, social and of course Apple. I will try to keep these topics, but of course will still include things about NFC, AR, geo-caching and QR codes because these are the big technologies in 2012.
I don't hunt my own meat, I don't wear always a blue jeans but I wear every Monday a pink shirt and every Friday a hat. Not sure why, but I do it.

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