Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apple store redesign

I wrote last week of a potential new shipment to Apple and the redesign of the Appel store.

We know now the answer. Every Apple store has now modified iPads as interactive displays for the other devices at the Apple store. These iPads are iPads 2 and have a special app running. You can't use the back camera and the home button is not reachable. They are all sealed into clear acrylic.

What a waste. Why not using the old iPad? We have still weeks waiting time for the iPads and now we know why. That Apple can use them for their displays. I counted in the international mall store 32 iPads 2 as displays. With over 300 stores we come to almost 10,000 iPads. 10,000 unhappy waiting customers.

I understand that Apple want to show how you can use iPads as displays, but give us a break. First should come your customer and then fancy displays.

At least you can go now to Apple and play with a modified iPad till you get yours.

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