Monday, June 20, 2011

Want to have a free iPad? Buy a Hyundai

Yesterday during watching golf I saw an ad from Hyundai. Instead of talking about the car they showed an iPad app. At the end of the commercial the voice over said that this is mot just an app it is the driver manual.

Equus is a new kind of luxury car, so Hyundai created a new kind of service we like to call ‘At Your Service.’ Your owner’s manual comes on an Apple iPad®. Maintenance is free, and when it comes time for tune ups and oil changes, we’ll come retrieve the car from you. In fact, we may just have to get rid of our service waiting rooms altogether.

Hyundai Equus Owner Experience App
Equus is the first luxury car to have an iPad app to help you understand and maintain your vehicle. Using Apple’s simple interface, the Owner’s Manual includes interactive demo videos, 360 degree images and a quick reference guide to help you learn everything from the Vehicle Stability Management System to how to use the supervision cluster. You can also use the Dealer Locator to find the nearest Authorized Equus Dealer and schedule all you routine maintenance.

Apple's success of their products is not only because they might look better or might be functional better but it is because brands are offering these idevices with their product. When first the iPhone clams out, many auto manufactures started to offer iPhone connections or even iPhones build into the dashboard.

But not only brands are promoting Apple. Even tons of TV shows and movies are using Apple products for product placement. I watched 2 hours shows and in all three the iPad, MacBook Air or iPhone were somehow placed into the TV show. Sanctuary as an example, a fictive SciFi show had all three items in just one episode. You can even see the iPad in Stargate Universe. The iPhone is featured in white collar as well the MacBook Air.

There is almost no movie or no show which has not an iPhone somehow featured. The iPad is only one year old but seems to be the darling of the film industry. It is on one hand a device which can play in any SciFi movie as well in films which are showing some high tech things.

We saw in the last 10 years in many films and shows the iMac, but since the iPhone and iPad we see more and more Apple products.

I understand that cars are really good for product placements and thought that maybe Ford is number one of all. But it is Apple.

According to Brandcameo, 30 percent of last year's (2010) top movies featured some kind of Apple product, whether it was a MacBook, iPod or an iPhone.

Second place was tied among Nike, Chevrolet and Ford for placement in 24 percent of movies in 2010.

Product placement is nothing new for Apple since its products have made cameos in 112 of the top 334 most popular movies in America since 2001.

Apple understood really early that the best way for product placement is to give the items for free or even before they are available. It helps of course that their products are perfect in style, almost look like jewelry.

Apple spends a lot of money for marketing but get as well more free marketing than anybody. All this free marketing let us almost believe that there are only Apple products and no other phones or pads.

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