Saturday, June 18, 2011

I got hacked

You might have noticed that I did not blog a few days and that even my blog was 2 days offline.

The reason was easy. My gmail account got hacked and I am happy that I have in my gmail account just a few contacts. If my apple .me account would have been hacked, then over 3,000 email addresses would have been compromised.
I even did not know that my account was hacked till somebody emailed and asking me if my blog is deleted. I went to the blog and it was gone. When I tried to log into my google account I got an error message.
Shortly after google did send me to my alternative email address an email saying that my account got compromised. I had to go to google website input my cell phone number to get a code and then reset my password but my blog did not show up. I got totally nervous. One year blogging gone and no backup. I am now thinking to move my blog to my own server and have a good backup. Anyway I went to to find any clues how I can get my blog back, but as usual Google has no good service and no way for me to find the answer I was looking for and no phone number I can call. Lucky wise two hours after I changed my password my blog was back to life.
All contacts I have in gmail got send an email from the system which compromised my gmail account.

I don't know if this was a normal google attack and I was one of the victims or if it was a direct attack against me, since I wrote two weeks ago about the paypal email phishing from Russia/China.

Now everything is back to normal but I had to change all my passwords to be on the save side.

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