Saturday, June 18, 2011

Now! Apple's latest iPad 2 ad

It is just amazing. All the competition are either showing their pad in an action unrealistic spot with a lot of uber composed images or are talking about screen size, processor speed and how they can play flash. All these commercials are produced like they pitch a computer just annoying.

But then there is Apple. There ads are emotional and show what the consumer wants to see. The latest commercial is named Now!. The messages are great and simple. Now we can read the newspaper, now we can watch a magazine, now we can have a complete library in our hands.

The message is simple and true. Just switch the iPad on and it works.

Regardless if we like Apple or not, I think we all agree their ads are simple and perfectly done.

Microsoft does not seem to be any problem for Apple anymore. Do you remember the Apple VS PC ads?
The Apple vs. PC ads began running in 2005. The ad agency responsible for the campaign is TBWA Worldwide. TBWA is a subsidiary of Omnicom Group, the world's largest advertising conglomerate.

The Apple vs. PC ads use only two actors. The actor playing the Apple spokesperson is Justin Long. The actor playing the PC is John Hodgman. The Apple character is tall, laid back and cool, intending to evoke the characteristics of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. By contrast, the PC character seems older, nerdier and less cool, intending for viewers to think of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Versions of the ad that appear in England and Japan use local actors, while the original American ads are dubbed into the local language in most other foreign countries.

Thus far, a number of different commercials have aired that point out the differences between Mac computers and PCs. Although the particulars vary, the overriding point of the commercials is to underline Apple's message that a Mac is a better choice than a PC for dealing with multimedia, staving off viruses, playing games and conducting business.

Last aired
The last Apple vs PC ad was aired sometimes in Summer 2009.

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