Friday, February 11, 2011

Twitter a big bubble?

Wall Street Journal reported that twitter is in low- level talks with Google and Facebook to sell it's Company. The estimated selling price would be between $8 and $10 Billion.

Let us get this straight. Only a few months ago Dick Costolo announced that twitter will be never sold.

But now they are starting talks to sell. The pressure might come from their investors but if so, then twitter is not confident it will produce sufficient revenue even close to $8 Billion.

Or twitter is gambling for an IPO. The talks are helpful to value twitter higher and up to $10 Billion.

Selling to Facebook would be a shame. FB has different audience in terms of usage. Twitter would be integrated into FB and then disappear. A lot of tweets are around business and articles. Most things in FB are about private things.

Google might be the better partner, they would keep twitter alive but integrate it better in their search. Google does not need to monetize twitter from the beginning. They waited a year before they started to monetize YouTube. Google search technology would help twitter a lot. Because search is a weak point within twitter.
Plus google has a browser (chrome), twitter could be a part of if.

Either way, if twitter get sold, then we know that twitter was a great idea but failed to generate a lot of revenue.

Maybe twitter should talk with Apple. Apple might be the best choice. Twitter could be 100% a part of iOS and instant available on all iOS devices. Apple has no Internet search engine but otherwise all what google has and more.

Siliconbeat believes Google is the best choice.

What do you think?

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