Tuesday, February 1, 2011

America invented the iPhone but Germany is already a step ahead

Everybody is talking about social and Mobile and guess what, this is old news. Both should be normal and common like Internet. There is no need to call any both out, just have it as a part of your marketing.

What we should call out is augmented reality, the ability to combine reality with animated images like green screen in movies. The mobile devices are getting faster and better. AR is here and in 12 months as usual as Social, mobile or Internet. But at least it will be in everybody mouth like Social today.

America seems not ready for this. Almost the same as for QR codes. They are around for years and just now we start to see them here. Europe and Germany are using them for marketing since years. Now Germany is again ahead and shows how AR can work for you.
Last week Germans or Americans with German satellite TV had a chance to watch and interact with the world’s first augmented-reality TV show.
Viewers of Galileo, a quiz show (ProSieben channel), were able to interact with the questions on the TV screen by viewing and interacting with augmented reality versions of the questions on their iPhone screens.
The viewer needed to have Junaio on their iPhone to see the AR and interact. The app is created by a German company called Metaio.

And there is Audi (German car maker) which created a beautiful calendar with no cars, but if the user downloads an iPhone app and holds the iPhone in front of the calendar, the user will see the latest Audi models on the calendar.
Watch the movie here

I think there are reasons why i kann stolz Deutscher zu sein. Prost.
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