Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Facebook getting gay friendly or do they want to make more money?

Facebook did add 2 new relationship statuses on profiles. One is "in a civil union" and the other one "in a domestic partnership".
The question is why they did add this. When i am gay married would i not choose married? And if I am gay and in a relationship would not choose in a relationship.

Ok i know civil union is legally recognized, but is it not a shame that same sex marriage is called civil union? Should we not be allowed to call it marriage?

Offering These new option to choose, does (in my opinion) support that there is a believe a same sex marriage is different than a man-woman marriage. For me it is the same. Two people love each other and want to make a commitment.

However i read that a lot of gays like the move from Facebook.

I read news today that the two new relationship statuses are for supporting gay people.

The social network has "sent a clear message in support of gay and lesbian couples to users across the globe," said GLAAD's president, Jarrett Barrios. "By acknowledging the relationships of countless loving and committed same-sex couples in the U.S. and abroad, Facebook has set a new standard of inclusion for social media."

I believe Facebook does not care to support. I believe their reason is money.
As you know you can run very targeted ads at Facebook, better than anywhere else. In the past if you did want to target only to gays or not to gays / lesbian you had to be creative.
With the new statuses it is now easier to target gays or not to target them at all.
I have gay friends and they say they don't want to be different by relationship status, it does not matter with who you are in a relationship or who you love, you are still in a relationship. And i totally agree.

A German politician made once public a great statement:
"I am gay and I proud of it", but guess what, he still says he is in a relationship and not in a domestic partnership (domestic partnership actually has nothing to do with gay/lesbian, it just means two people live together like a marriage but are not married.)

I would pledge to all of us married people, let us change our status to civil union just to show that we don't care if somebody is gay or straight, we care that we like and love somebody.

I think, with this step, Facebook is discriminating gays and lesbians. People might not want to be friends with somebody because they are gay (then they should not be friends anyway).

But I m sure Facebook is arguing that they help the world to be free. A place where people can show their sexual preference in countries where being gay is not yet accepted (like the USA).

I think it is great that gay people can show that they are gay and that they are proud of it but we should not allow Facebook to take advantage of it.

Let us summarize. Everybody who wants to show they are gay should upload an image which shows that they are gay, but don't name it anyway similar to gay.
Then everybody can see what your feelings are but Facebook can't make money out of it.

But maybe I see everything wrong and these new statuses are the best thing Facebook ever did. I would like to hear other opinions and if possible from gay / lesbian people, i want to understand why it is good or not good what Facebook did.

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