Sunday, February 6, 2011

An elk around Europe via geocaching

In 04/24/2008, Ollie Homann had the idea to send an elk through Europe via geocaching as a trackable. A Trackable is an object which travels between geocaches. A trackable has an unique ID number which can be used to look it up and to see its mission. A trackable can have a goal, like the elk Ollie did send. His goal was to get the elk from Hannover Germany to Sweden, Finland, Norway and back.

The text with the elk did read:

Mein Name ist deElch und ich möchte gerne durch Schweden, Finnland und Norwegen reisen. So lange, bis mein Besitzer mich wieder zu Hause haben möchte… Auch möchte ich gerne zum Nordkapp. Schön wäre es, wenn ich den cache „Europe’s Northernmost Cache“ (GCWR1C) besuchen könnte… „

The elk went from Germany to Finland to stay there a while till it came to the Northcap and back to Germany. It made it even to Europe northern geocache location.

It took almost 3 years but eventually it came back with over 4000 miles of traveling.
The elk arrived in Hannover on 2/6/2011 after 2 years and 8 months.

The original blog can be found here:

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