Wednesday, September 8, 2010

iPhone update 4.1 at glance

Apple released today a new iOs update for iPhone and iPhone touch. Touch can now do face time. The user has to set up an email for face time and verify it before using facetime.
After this is pretty simple, gist dial a phone number of another face time person and it dials. The connection over wifi is perfect. A good way to avoid carrier costs for call.

Game time:
Apple extended their social effort with game time after starting to go into social with ping in iTunes.
I am not sure if Apple does the right approach to build their own social network instead of using established players.
With game time you can play your games like farmville and socialize with other game time users. This is a clear attack against facebook. Apple might did read that most activities in Facebook are games.
With game time you can play your games, as soon they are mapped to game time, against your friends and keep track on your scores and listings.

Camera update:
you can now tame pictures in HDR (high dynamic range). Which is not new, for the iPhone. There has been some app out there using HDR but only 2 instead of 3 images.
An HDR image is made by taking three photos of the same scene, each at different shutter speeds. The result is a bright, medium, and dark photo, based on the amount of light that got through the lens. A software process then combines all the photos to bring details to the shadows and highlights both. This helps to achieve the same task in the final photograph that the human eye can accomplish on the scene.
The iPhone will keep original and HDR image in case the image looks too fake.

iPhone users can now upload their videos to and YouTube in HD.

iTunes got updated that you can rent shows for $0.99 and use the famous "ping".

Some bug fixes
Apple supposedly fixed problems with Bluetooth connectivity and the iPhone's proximity sensor. Customers have hammered Apple over the proximity issue, saying that the sensor didn't deactivate the touchscreen when the smartphone was held up to their faces, causing dropped calls, muted calls and "face-dialed" numbers.

Apple also patched 24 vulnerabilities in iOS with the update, including 19 tagged with the phrase "arbitrary code execution," Apple-speak for a critical vulnerability. Unlike other operating system makers, like Microsoft, Apple does not rank flaws with a threat-scoring system.

Over 80% of the bugs were in WebKit, the open-source browser engine that powers the mobile version of Safari integrated in iOS, as well as Safari on the desktop and Google's Chrome browser.

The following is not an iOS update but was released at the same time.

IMovie update:
IMovie has now a few more themes and crashes less, but still the location part is so bad. I used a theme which shows my location as Disney Orlando, which is 70 miles away from my location. I can change the location using search but can't create a new location. The closest one to the place where we took the video is Tampa, still 40 miles away.

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