Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sony Daily Edition ebook reader versus Kindle

The last time I compared the Kindle with the iPad which might have been not fair since the iPad is not only an ebook reader and uses different screen technology.
This time I want to be fair and compare Kindle with Sony Daily Edition ebook reader.

Sony did make a research and came to the conclusion that mobile devices need to be touchable instead of keyboard. Therefore they revamped their ebook readers with new touch screen technology.

This is the first plus for Sony but the reader itself is heavier than the Kindle and not so stylish.
The weight is slightly more (2 ounces) than the Kindle. Another big win is the 7inch screen. 1 inch more makes a big difference.

The inboard memory is only 1.4GB but has a Sony memory stick and SD card slots to put 8GB card in. We don't need for books so much memory, however if you want to listen to music or if you want to download audio books, then more memory is better. The Sony comes with a stylus which is old school, but good if you want to use the installed drawing application or if you want to highlight words. I tried it without the stylus but did not work well, the touch screen is not very receptive, but I believe the one will be better.

Unfortunate Sony has much less books and magazines to offer.
If you have Microsoft Word and your Sony reader is connected to your PC, then you can even download converted Word documents to your device.
But the reader has no Twitter, Facebook or blog function like Kindle.
The prize is slightly higher than the Kindle ($249) and the battery holds only 2 weeks.
The Sony eInk is not as good as Kindle.

The best thing I did want to wait till the end.
Sony is the only provider which allows to borrow books from libraries when your library is listed and you have a library card. This feature is awesome and should be on all other devices as well.

The bigger screen and the library book renting is enough to say that the Sony Daily Edition is the better ebook reader.

But I would wait a few weeks till the new versions of Sony Readers are out.

I will keep mine a few days and then I unfortunately have to send the Kindle and Sony reader back. The next look will be the nook. Hopefully the nook is good enough to keep. But I doubt It as long I have my iPad and read more magazines than books.

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