Friday, September 3, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab and other thoughts about slates etc

Samsung released yesterday their version of a tablet mobile device. It is smaller than the iPad but has camera and supports flash 10.1
It has a 7 inch screen with Andoid 2.2 OS.
It is a really alternative to the iPad but much more expensive. The tablet is only sold in Europe right now and will cost between $895 and $1,025 depending if you get the 16GB or 32GB version.

For now it is no alternative to the iPad because of the price tag, however there are coming more slates out which are cheaper like the slate from Toshiba which will be soon released. And there is of course Google, which will release a slate as well (maybe same disaster like the google phone, google is a service and software company but not a hardware company in my opinion). I believe the Galaxy price will go under the $300 mark before it hits the holiday business in the States. Otherwise it would not have a chance to compete against the iPad.

I love Apple. They come out with new products, defining a new market and then everybody wants to jump on it. Without Apple we would still have last century cell phones and the ebook readers would be still an expensive toy.

As much people are complaining, but Apple helps to build competition and to offer new cool stuff to the consumer to cheaper price.
Because everybody wants to copy Apple but as well to undercut the price to have a chance to survive.

I see ebook readers (as long they have only black and white eInk) getting under the $99 mark. Slates will get into the $200 to $300 range and will totally replace the useless netbooks (as i said in an older post, either users want to have a real notebook or a very slim light computer like the iPad, a netbook is neither of them).

Now Apple revamped their AppleTV and the price is awesome. $99 means we can't do anything wrong when buying the AppleTV. GoogleTV is coming at the end of the year and will be surely not more expensive. Others will try to integrate their box into TVs directly all this helps the consumer at the end get the hardware almost free and only to pay for content, which makes much more money in the long term anyway.

I can see in a few years that phones, slates, TV boxes are completely free and costs for content is going up (or we see more advertising). In terms of content, Google could be the winner number one, because they are strong in service.
But don't forget Apple, they move more and more to entertainment service provider. Already a big player with music, maybe soon a big player with video, and not more than 2 years and Apple will be a big player with games.

Nobody can provide service and hardware and software at the same time like Apple can do. And because Apple let nobody use their OS they can ensure always the best user experience. Let see if Steve Jobs will rename Apple into "Apple Entertainment and mobile Inc"

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