Monday, September 13, 2010

Airwaves will change internet

This month, the F.C.C. is likely to approve what could be an even bigger expansion of the unlicensed airwaves, opening the door to supercharged Wi-Fi networks that will do away with the need to find a wireless hot spot and will provide the scaffolding for new applications that are not yet imagined.

To get today a descent internet connection outside from home or office is only possible over 3G or wifi. 3G is expensive and wifi costs many times money too when no free wifi is available. But the most disturbing part are the dead spots. How often do we run around with our notebook to find a good connection. Or we are driving through the country and there is nothing than beautiful land but no Internet.
Utilizing the unlicensed airwaves will change the landscape. They have bigger reach and can go through trees, thick walls etc. We all know this airwaves, it is what radio station basically used. Local digital TV are using airwaves too, but only a few frequencies. Around them are white noises and these are perfect for internet.
White noises are used today by wireless baby cameras, microphones and other wireless devices.
Opening the unlicensed airwaves will put cellphone carriers under pressure, we would not need them anymore, we could make calls over Internet from everywhere.
The idea is that devices will recognize airwaves signals and switch the connection when a better signal is available. Of course devices connected to the airwaves will be at the beginning more expensive because of the technology and complexity, but after a few years the prices should be not relevant anymore. I remember my first wifi router with two wireless cards from 3M in the year 1999 was $2000.
Today wireless cards are standard in each device and a routers are starting at $30.
Theatres are complaining this would interfere with their microphones, but I am sure the F.C.C will exclude the the wireless microphone frequencies.
Baby phones and other wireless devices will be revamped and use Internet connection.

Overall it is a great move, I believe it helps the consumer to save money in the long-term and helps people on country side to get much better internet connection. The only way right now is either slow dial up or internet over dish, but dish does very dependent on weather. Airwaves work always.
Opening airwaves will he the economy, a lot of start ups will jump on this and the beauty is that it will be much cheaper for them to do so. If F.C.C. Would have chosen an auction model like for UMTS (in Europe) then only the big players would be able to utilize airwaves and this would mean we consumer would need to pay a lot for the service.

Besides all excitement, it will take awhile till we can have this new type of Internet connection. It will be some work to figure out how to utilize it and how to make it secure. We can expect companies like Google and Microsoft to be in the mix from the beginning. They have working and supporting this since years.

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