Friday, September 3, 2010

Delta Airlines means no Service

This is none of my usual blog entries but very important to tell.

Delta has everything but a service.

Here is my story. I did fly the last 4 years (with a 2 year break) 190.000 miles with Delta or in other other words flights in value of over $60,000.
Because i had a two year break i went from Platinum down to Silver.
Many flights have been delayed in this time, but i had as well over $3,500 in flights i could not take. As a skymile member you won't see the credits in your profile, you need either to know your ticket number or call in to ask how much credit you have. Delta never told me that the credit is going to expire and so i lost all of the credit, basically free money for delta.
Two weeks ago i had to fly to NYC for very important meetings. One hour before the flight Delta did let me know the flight is delayed for 3 hours, i tried to move my meetings. In the last second we were told the flight got canceled because plane problems, i had to take AA instead. Delta did not give me my frequent flyer miles. I called them and got 10,00 miles but bonus miles as promised qualification miles. I missed all meetings because i arrived 10 hours later as scheduled. Thanks Delta. Flying back from NY again 3 hours delay, that i had to drive in the middle of the night.

But the worst part is that 6 weeks ago with a flight from Bentonville to Tampa, Delta did accidentally route my baggage through other airports. It took 5 days till i got my baggage. The suitcase was totally broken and half of my stuff missing. I Called Delta and had to fill out a lost baggage claim.
Today i got a letter saying that electronics and jewelry are not insured through Delta and that they will not pay for my lost items ($500 value).

I am screwed, and i thought as a fairly good customer i should be treated better. But Delta does not care anymore. I counted all my delays i had in the last 4 years, plus cancelled flights, lost baggage (yes they had twice lost my suitcase) and i would count each hour as $100 then i lost with Delta over $30,000.

Please tell everybody you know how bad Delta is (plus the most unfriendly employees in the country, with no service in the plane).

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